“We have different likes, dreams and desires for a reason. Trying to conform to what society sees as beautiful or acceptable, erases what makes us unique.”

Don’t Quit! Keep Fighting

Life. It has its highs and it has its lows. There are really, REALLY good times! Then there are really, REALLY terrible times. Life can knock the wind right out of you! Everything could be going great and then WHAM! Life deals you an upper cut that you were not prepared for. Then, you find yourself lying on the ground. But you tell yourself, I got this! So, you dust your shoulders off and get up. Then, you deliver a couple blows back, you show life who you really are and you start feeling yourself like Rocky! Then, outta nowhere life hits you square in your chest. Your world starts spinning. You can’t catch your breath. Now you’re down for the count. The ref comes cover and starts counting. 1…..2….. this is when you choose. You have a choice to make. Right here and right now. You can choose to get up and fight or you can choose to lay down and let the hard times of life win. Yea, that last punch you took hurt. You don’t think you’ll be able to make it much longer. But, you can! And you will! 

Some days are absolutely rough!! And it’s okay to NOT be okay. You may not want to get out of bed. You may not want to eat. You may not want to shower. But there is a brighter day ahead. You have to rise. You must get up!! The future is calling your name. You’re feeling so much pressure to quit now, because your future is THAT BRIGHT!! You didn’t come this far to give up now, did you? 

Today choose to fight! Choose to keep fighting. You may lose some days. You may lose some battles. But don’t forfeit the war!! Don’t wave the white flag. Live to fight another day. Count the small victories, such as getting out of bed when you didn’t want to. Eating when you didn’t want to. Going to work when you didn’t want to. Keep going forward. Keep getting up. Keep fighting. You are so close to seeing the sun shine again. SO CLOSE! Tell God you need Him to intervene and pray that He’ll strengthen you. Things may not immediately get better, but you’ll be stronger through Him (Phil 4:13). Spoiler alert: you win this battle. The only way you lose, is if you quit. So don’t quit! Let God fight this battle and be the victor that you are! You can do it! 

He Knows Best 

One day, I was at the park and I saw a little girl with her grandfather. The little girl wanted to climb on some rocks, so he walks over to where she is and stands near by to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself. After a few minutes on the rocks, he tells her, it is time to go, so she has to get down. For some reason, she decides to walk backwards down the rocks, so she can’t see where she’s going. On her way down, she asks her grandfather if she can jump off. (Her grandfather was like 😒 lol) but he said, “no, not yet.” So, she takes another backward step  and she asks again if she can jump, he says again, “no, not yet”. She takes a few more steps and now she’s close to the ground. She turns around and can she sees she is close, but even then she asks, “can I jump now?” Her grandfather says, “ No, you can’t jump because there is mud at the bottom and you’ll slip if you do.” He then preceded to pick his granddaughter up and places her on the ground and they leave together hand in hand. 

God spoke to me when I saw this. He told me that He is willing to guide us and direct us the same way. He is always near by to protect us. God can see things that we can’t, so when He says “no”, “wait” and “not yet” it could be because he is protecting us or he is working on things and we’re just not ready. But, as we keep taking steps forward in faith, God will eventually pick us up and place us in front of the thing we’ve waiting and praying for. 

We can’t get side tracked with how things SEEM to appear. We can’t grow weary in well doing, because things don’t FEEL like they are in our favor. This is the time where we walk in faith, eyes locked on God and we continue to fight and  believe the things God has told us. He is not like man, that He should lie. He has not lost a battle. He loves us more than we can fathom. We must depend on Him and allow Him to lead us. Even when it hurts and we feel lost. Let God lead you. Follow Him. He’s in control. He is faithful. 💕

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Let’s take a stroll, shall we? Imagine that we are in your favorite park. The sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze and there is absolutely NO HUMIDITY! (I can’t stand humidity. 😒) With each breath you take, you are releasing all of your cares. This walk in the park is exactly what you needed. Then, you arrive to a small pond and you spot a bench. This is where you decide to sit and rest for a bit. You’re taking in the scenery, the sounds of the water and the birds flying overhead. This. Is. Peace. While you’re on the bench, your mind begins to wander. You start thinking about your past. You start asking yourself questions like, “how did I get here?” and “where has all the time gone?” These questions call for some reflection.

You start to think of that time when you and your friend thought something was so funny that you laughed until you cried. You laughed until your sides hurt and you started clapping looking like a seal (I clap when I laugh. 😂) Can you think of a time when you laughed that hard? Laughing so much, that for that brief moment, you didn’t have a care in the world. We all love those moments, we live for them and we try to recreate them as often as possible. We cherish those moments. I personally think laughter is a great gift from God, because it is contagious! Who doesn’t like laughing?! You start to to smile just recalling those good times in your mind.

Then, your mind some how wanders to darker times. You start to think about the time your life got flipped upside down, so much that you didn’t want to get out of the bed. You start to think about the time when you didn’t know if you were ever going to survive the storm you were in, because it was that bad! Those times when you cried so much, it literally hurt. Those times when the floor was your best friend, because you were too weak to even stand. Now, these are the times no one wants to relive. Shoot, it’s hard to even think and speak about some of these times. You feel yourself starting to sink and you become overwhelmed with those negative thoughts, but then something snaps you out of this trip in the past and you start to look at where you are now. 

You’re still on the park bench, in front of the pond. You can’t remember necessarily how you got here or what made you want to even come to the park. But, you realize that where you are right now is beautiful. Is it perfect? Nope. Could you add some people or some things to make the visit more pleasant? Probably so. But nevertheless, you are here for a reason and whatever path led you here, you decide that it was worth it. 

I said all of that to say, that no matter the events of your past, your present is worth enjoying. Everything that happened, happened for a reason. I know you wish it didn’t, I know you wish life would have been easier, but look at where you are now. YOU’RE STILL HERE. Life may be far from perfect right now, but at least you have life. You have a chance to get things right. You have a chance to set things straight. So, wherever you are, I’d like for you to truly take this time to reflect on how far you’ve come. Then thank God, you aren’t where you used to be. You may not be where you want to be, but you’re here. Embrace it. Find the beauty in it. It’s your life, make the most of it. 💜